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Wrestling programs at Historically Black Colleges once flourished until programs starting dropping due to lack of resources.

Donate today to help young athletes achieve their full potential. Your contribution will help funds scholarships, equipment, and training programs for wrestling teams at Historically Black Colleges and Universities. All donations are 100% tax-deductible, as we are a 501c3 nonprofit organization committed to creating a more inclusive and diverse wrestling community. Join us in building a brighter future for student-athletes at HBCUs.

Recurring gifts are an essential part of sustaining the work we do at the HBCU Wrestling Initiative. Your reliable and steady stream of support allows us to plan for the future, invest in long-term solutions, and provide ongoing support to HBCU wrestling programs. Even a small gift of $10 a month can make a big difference in the lives of young athletes. We encourage you to consider making a recurring gift to help us create a brighter future for student-athletes at HBCUs.

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By fundraising for the HBCU Wrestling Initiative, you can help us reach more people and raise more funds for our programs. Your efforts will make a tangible difference in the lives of student-athletes at Historically Black Colleges and Universities, providing them with the resources they need to succeed on and off the mat.

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